How To Get A PSC Scholarship?




The Public Service Commission (PSC) Scholarship is one of the most prestigious and toughest scholarships to get in Singapore. This is a government scholarship which offers employment to graduates in government sectors and ministries. It aims to nurture the leaders of tomorrow. Only the top few PSC Scholars will be considered for the President’s Scholarship


Here are some pointers in assessing whether or not your child should apply for a scholarship. This article will also examine what the PSC looks out for in shortlisting and awarding its scholarship.



Consistent excellent grades throughout your school journey


The PSC will look at a child’s grades from secondary three onwards to “A” levels or polytechnic. Hence it will be much easier if your child had consistently excellent grades throughout his schooling years. However, a drastic improvement in one’s grades is also a good sign and shows that your child has potential and determination to develop even further.





It is crucial that your child has held leadership positions throughout his schooling days. Leadership can pertain to not just your child’s CCA but also class appointments, school committees and external committees. Your child must also have the ability to showcase how he is a good leader and what he has learnt from his experiences as a leader. The PSC aims to find students with potential leadership qualities so as to groom them to take on leadership positions in the government sector.





Community service is also another key area that the PSC focuses on. They want people who are familiar with the community’s problems and have empathy, humility and compassion in serving others. It is crucial that the child has significant involvement and a passion for serving the community.



Special achievements


If your child has any special achievements, highlight them during the interview. For example, if your child has participated and won a Math Olympiad, this will showcase his potential in academia or engineering and problem solving.



The interview


This is the most important pointer that all students and parents must understand and inculcate into anyone going for the interview: The PSC will have interviewed many other candidates before your child, and they will know how to judge character and size up the child. Tell your child to just be calm and be himself.