Scholarships Secure Employment


Scholarships offer secured employment upon graduation. Parents reading this article should encourage their children to apply for a scholarship, although they are very competitive. Many scholarships are bonded to a certain company or industry. Your child will usually be bonded for 4 to 5 years after graduation.


Non-bonded scholarships

Bear in mind that not all scholarships come with a bond. Some scholarships that are university funded for example, may be bond free and don’t offer a legal obligation to a sector or company after graduation. Do know the type of scholarship your child is applying for before committing to it.



Bonded scholarships guarantee your child employment after graduation. However, this is usually only binding for the first 4 to 6 years. After that there is no obligation for your child, should he decide to leave the company.


Scholarships are not easy maintenance

All scholarships require the student to maintain a good GPA in university. Each scholarship has its unique requirements, some may be a lot harder to maintain. Failing to meet these requirements for two semesters in a row could see the scholarship revoked. This could also mean that you would have to pay for the amount previously subsidised by the scholarship. However, this may not hold true for all scholarships. Hence, it is best to check and know the requirements of the scholarship before confirming one.