Take It Or Leave It? Getting A Scholarship




Go for it. Scholarships are a good thing. The main objective of scholarships is for organizations to reserve talent and seek out the best minds before graduation. Scholarships are for students who know what career they want and are happy to be part of the organization that is offering the scholarship. With our economy constantly shifting its needs and requirements, industry watchers are predicting significant skill displacements. Parents should understand that scholarships are as good as secured employment for their children.



What a local university says


“Singapore Management University (SMU) has numerous merit- and needs-based schemes helping students from all financial backgrounds get a head start on their finances and university education. One in three SMU freshmen will have a chance to obtain one of the 1,000 scholarships, grants, and other financial aid available for the upcoming academic year. Of these, 170 are bond-free scholarships, meaning students are free to work for any employer they choose after graduation”. – The Straits Times, 6 March 2017





Scholarships, especially those bonded with industries or companies, offer secured employment for at least 3 – 5 years after graduation.



School Fees


School fees under a scholarship are mostly completely free.



Work experience


Most scholarships will require you to intern at their companies or industries while serving the scholarship. Hence, this gives the student a deeper and more industry-current perspective of things. This privilege gives the student a shot in the arm career wise.



Studying abroad


There are many overseas scholarships for undergraduate students or post-graduate students which allow one to study abroad for free. Some scholarships do have compulsory overseas exchanges. Needless to say, they can offer you a more well-rounded university experience. Going overseas for exchanges allows the student to get out of his comfort zone and learn more about other cultures.