Types Of Scholarship




Parents should share this article with their child should he/she be interested in pursuing a scholarship. Here are some of the more common scholarships available in Singapore.



PSC Scholarship


The Public Service Commission scholarship (PSC) is one of the most prestigious government scholarships out there. The top students receiving this scholarship will be admitted to receive the president’s scholarship. The PSC scholarship will open the door to government industries or ministries for at least 5 years upon graduation. Such ministries include Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of Law and the Army.



A*STAR scholarship


A*STAR is Singapore’s leading research hub for science and healthcare. A*STAR offers numerous scholarships for both undergraduate, postgraduate and midterm scholarships. There are also scholarships for those interested in pursuing their PhD.



Armed Forces scholarships


SAF and the Home Team have both overseas and local scholarships available. These are prestigious scholarships that are highly competitive.


University scholarships


There are plenty of scholarships offered by the local universities. However, these are usually non-bonded scholarships. The child will need to seek employment after his graduation.