JC Syllabus: Subject Combinations Explained




Subject combination plays a part in determining a student’s success in his educational journey. Students have varying interest and abilities. It is rare to find a student who can perform well for all subjects. One needs to know how to align their strengths and interests with the right subject combination. Here are some considerations.



Interest level


Students should choose their most interested subjects as their H2. There is definitely one subject that will interest a child, which they may be better at than their peers. It is crucial that students take this at an H2 level.





Parents should encourage their children to take up Economics, whether at H1 or H2 level. Economics is good for the understanding of how the world works basically. It will give students some basic fundamentals of economics and how countries function on a micro and macro level. Economics is also a first-year module in almost all business courses in universities. However, do note that many students struggle and find economics the toughest subject along with GP in JC, partly because most students have no prior background in the subject.



Medicine and biology


If your child is thinking of pursuing medicine overseas, it is advisable to take biology as a H2 subject as it is a pre-requisite for some overseas schools. However, for local medical schools, the pre-requisite is H2 Biology/H2 Physics and H2 Chemistry. Studying in the United States also requires students to take the Standard American Tests (SATs). There are many institutions locally that administer the tests.