Choosing The Right Junior College: Things To Take Note



Choosing the right JC school could pave the way for the next milestone in the learning journey. This article seeks to explain some tips in choosing the right JC. Ultimately, both parents and children need to work together to come to a mutual agreement.


Proximity to home

A surprisingly overlooked aspect of choosing the right JC is proximity to home. JCs usually end later than secondary schools, in the late afternoon or even in the evening.  After a tiring day of school, it is very convenient to have a school near your child’s home, perfect if it is within walking distance. Many JC students lose all their energy towards the tail end of the day and getting home quickly to rest is very important. In addition, JC CCAs are usually more than once a week, especially for sports CCAs, so being closer to home matters even more. The proximity also allows students to get up later in the mornings and they will be more alert during the first few lessons of the day.



Niche CCA

Usually, there are many common CCAs in JCs. However, some JCs have their own niche or unique CCA. If your child is good at a certain sport, it would be advantageous to him if he went to a school with a strong support and strong school team in that particular sport. This will increase his proficiency in the sport as he will learn from a traditionally strong team. Find a CCA to his liking; some schools have unique CCAs. Keep an eye out for them to make his JC experience a memorable one for all the right reasons.


Academic strengths

It is good to find out the “A” level results of the school over the past few years; a school with a strong standing in academics will likely benefit the child. However, at the end of the day it all boils down to the individual: how hard, how well and how consistently he studies. Hence the school’s academic track record does not need to be a make-or-break factor.