Transiting From JC to Uni: Bigger Gap Compared To Poly Students



While it can be said that the polytechnic style of learning and school structure will be more similar to that of a university, one can question if poly students tend to perform better than junior college (JC) students. On the whole, it all depends on the students themselves, rather than the schools. However, it has been noted that polytechnic students do adjust easier to university life compared to JC students. Below are a few reasons why that seems to be the case.



Compared to JC, polytechnic curriculum is more in sync with university curriculum. Poly students firstly are already used to not wearing uniforms. JC students in Singapore are required to wear uniforms to school.


Projects and presentations


Poly students have lectures and more hands-on projects, including lots of personal and group presentations as compared to JC students. While JCs also have project work similar to a university’s, it is minimal and usually only happens in the first year of JC. University projects are a constant.




Polytechnic students are trained in reports and thesis style of writing. The only lengthy essays in a JC are in general paper and Arts subjects such as Literature and History, which are hardly the length of a final thesis report in a university.




Poly students are more IT savvy. Having more of their work done on computers for projects and reports, polytechnic students may be more IT-inclined. This is a good skill to have in today’s economy. JC students do most of their work in old-fashioned notes and exam papers.


Who’s better suited for university


Again, it depends on the student, not the institution. Every individual has a different style of learning. Some may be better suited for a classic exam and textbook style of learning like in a JC, while others may prefer a more hands-on, group work, presentation-oriented and computer-based learning. Not all faculties in universities are purely project or exam based as well. There is usually a good mixture, while some faculties like Engineering or Medicine may be more inclined towards exams and notes.