Dealing With Emotional Problems



JC schedules can be very hectic and vigorous. It is not uncommon for a child to experience days when they are overwhelmed with homework and assignments and emotions.


Stress strategy

This is probably the biggest problem in a JC, given the extremely compact schedules. Stress can lead to depression if not handled well. Parents have a big role to play in teaching their children how to manage stress. Have a stress reliever strategy in mind. Encourage the child to balance work and leisure. Watch a good movie. Play his favorite video game after some revision or when he’s completed his work. Go for walks. Take up a sport. Sports are a great way to relieve stress.


Time management

For many JC students, another roadblock to achieving their academic goals is poor time management. Without proper time management, the child will be drained by a typical JC education, never mind a top-tier JC. This frustration may trigger emotional problems in other areas of his life.

So how does one manage time well?

Have a fixed schedule and stick to it, for example, students should plan out their homework and assignments and stick to them. By doing so, one will realise that the work is more manageable and easier to complete rather than last minute rushing.



All schools have trained counsellors. They are discreet and professional. A child with issues, problems or just not feeling right should not hesitate to talk to a school counsellor. If need be, say for deeper emotional or social issues, counsellors will advise the child to seek appropriate professional help.

Even the brightest students can underperform if their environment is not conducive or if they are facing emotional problems. It is best to deal with the emotional problems as soon as possible in an appropriate manner for the well being of the student.