Repeating JC 1: Moving On From Temporary Setback



Every year, there are a number of students who fall short of advancing to JC2, this is not uncommon. Each school’s criteria, otherwise known as the Bell Curve, has some bearing on the cut-off points.

Moving on

While it is normal for most parents to feel disappointed, they should not feel devastated or overly angry with their children do not advance to JC2. Parents must understand that the JC system is rigorous and content-heavy. The key is to help the child do better by building on what his foundation, making sure he has the right studying techniques and tools to tackle the next exam.


Time management


Sometimes it can be as simple as proper time management. Proper time management is imperative in JC given its short period of 2 years (and less, considering the long school holidays) coupled with a rigorous content. Students must realise that in JC, last-minute revision does not work. Methods that may have worked during the “O” levels may not work for the “A” levels.

Have a fixed schedule and stick to it. Students will find that by sticking to a fixed schedule, homework and revision is more structured and hence, manageable.


Build your foundations

Parents should find out from their children which subjects are their weakest; it is probably their weaker subjects that pulled their grades down. To help the child improve, parents can consider tuition. A good foundation in all subjects is crucial to tackling the A-level year.


Study smart


Students need to learn methods and techniques to study smart. One can fully understand the content and still do badly in exams. Students need the right methods to answer “A” level questions. Heed the teachers’ advice on studying and exam techniques.

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