JC Juggling Act: Balancing Studies, Sports and Social Life




How does one balance studies, sports, friendships and a social life while in JC? Students and parents should know that the rigor of the JC education will not allow a balanced work-play lifestyle. Parents should share the following tips with their children on how to cope with JC curriculum.

From balance to harmony

The government has moved away from work-life balance to work-life harmony and so should students in a junior college. Many JC students often have little time for family and friends due to intense school work.  While a school-centric schedule is challenging in terms of work-life balance, this should not stop the students form achieving work-life harmony. The difference is the quality of time spent with family, friends, and pursuing their passions other than school work.


First things first

Firstly, students must prioritise their time. Students need to make the most out of the congested two years. Parents should encourage their children to still make time for their peers or allocate time per week to play their favorite sports. Parents must understand that an all work and no play can lead to overwork and the student will burn out. Students need to have a stress reliever.