Pocket Money For JC: How Much Is Enough?




How much pocket money is adequate in a JC? This article is good for parents whose children are embarking on the exciting next phase of their journey.





Unlike secondary school or primary school, notes have to be bought by the student in JC. Most notes will have the be bought from the school bookshop while sometimes teachers do print their own notes for students. The notes are usually bought by the subject/class representative.



No textbooks


There are no more textbooks required in a JC, all subjects will be taught in the form of notes.



Canteen and cafes


Unlike secondary school, most JCs will finally have a café in them, as there are many more breaks in a JC due to their long schedules. Most students will purchase drinks or snack at the cafes during these mini breaks. The cafes are pricey though, so parents should encourage their children to refrain from purchasing food and drinks there regularly. Canteen food remains relatively the same as secondary school. However, with more long days in a JC, it is likely that students will be visiting the canteen and cafes more often.


Hence, longer days coupled with the purchase of notes from the school bookshop does make studying a JC costlier as compared to secondary school. Hence, JC students may require more pocket money as compared to their times in secondary school. However, these increase in costs is less considerable compared to polytechnics. It’s good for students to learn to budget, and parents should encourage them to save. This is a good habit for the future.