Overseas Campus: Australia, UK and USA




So, you have decided to pursue further studies in an overseas university. You are contemplating which country to study in. This article has some tips for you. We will be comparing between Australian, UK and US universities.



Australia is nearest to Singapore. Australia has many top-ranking universities like University of New South Wales, University of Melbourne, Monash University, University of Western Australia etc. There are many Singaporeans all around Australia in every state, with a significant number in Perth and Melbourne and Sydney. There are many direct flights from Singapore to Australia which are usually around 7-8 hours, these include budget airlines Scoot. Majority of Australian universities have their long breaks from November to February the following year.



Although most Singaporeans studying abroad do so in the UK or Australia, there is still a significant number of Singaporeans in American universities. USA requires you to take the SATs first before being admitted to their universities, be it for undergraduate or post-graduate. Ivy league universities are not easy to get into and they don’t just focus on grades alone, your SATs are important and they also look at your holistic achievements. Common places to study include Washington, New York, California and Pennsylvania.



UK offers many well-known universities as well. Most Singaporeans like to study in London, with a significant number in Birmingham, Sussex, Cambridgeshire, Wales and other towns not too far from London. Some UK universities will require you to take an English examination before admission, for both undergraduate and post-graduate. They do not recognise local GP grades nor polytechnic English examinations. Most UK universities have their long breaks in the middle of the year as compared to Australian universities at the end of the year. Flight hours are long, usually 18 -22 hours and there aren’t any budget airlines flying to the UK, hence traveling to and from Singapore is costly.

Whatever area of the world you decide to study in, there will be plenty of Singaporeans everywhere. Do not isolate yourself or mix only with Singaporeans. A main attraction of studying abroad is to mix with people from other cultures and this will make you more socially aware of the world around you.