What Do Companies Look At When Hiring Fresh Graduates?




You about to graduate or have just graduated, you are now looking for a job. You have been offered a couple of interviews, anxiety kicks in. You are not sure what to expect or do during the interview. Many questions and thoughts linger in your head. What to say? What is the interviewer looking out for? What is the company all about? This article will share some light on what companies are looking out for in fresh graduates.





Companies are looking for the next Bill Gates, or the next Jack Ma. They want students with potential to be groomed into future leaders of tomorrow. You can show your leadership skills, by firstly being confident – and honest – in your answers. This is a sign of a good leader. Showcase to them your past leadership positions. What did you do? Why? How did you solve problems? Having a leadership position in a past CCA in polytechnic or tertiary education will give you a leg up. Highlight some of your past struggles and how you as a leader manage to lead a team get through tough challenges.



Team player


Being able to work in a team is a vital and fundamental requirement in any company. You can be assured that this is one of their primary must-haves on hiring new employees. Having excelled in projects and CCAs can showcase your team spirit.



Writing proficiency


Being able to write well is another fundamental skill. Many times, you will be required to submit summaries and reports on incidents and annual growth of the company. It is important to know how to summarise key points. Get to the point quickly.





Nobody wants to invest time and resources in a person only to find out they have zero sense of ethics, morals, or commitment to the community. Showing some of your volunteer work for the community does help. Haven’t been volunteering? It’s not too late to start.


With these few tips, we wish you all the best in securing and finding your dream job.