Active Maths Textbook 4

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The Active Maths Textbook 4 is an excellent resource for learners to develop a strong foundation in Mathematics. This textbook is part of the Active Maths series which comprehensively covers all the learning objectives of the Cambridge Primary Mathematics curriculum framework (0096). The series adopts an Active Learning approach which allows learners to actively grasp concepts on a personal level through exploration, discussion and inquiry.

The textbook is designed to encourage problem-based learning (PBL). Each chapter starts with a case problem that encourages learners to think critically and apply their mathematical knowledge to solve problems. As learners progress through each chapter, they will be introduced to various mathematical concepts, which are explained using a Concrete – Pictorial – Abstract approach. This approach helps learners to develop a deep understanding of mathematical concepts and skills.

The Concrete – Pictorial – Abstract approach is a proven teaching method that allows learners to move from the concrete to the abstract level of understanding. This means that learners start by working with physical objects, such as blocks or counters, to understand mathematical concepts. They then progress to using pictures or diagrams to represent these objects before moving on to abstract symbols and equations.

In addition to the case problems, each chapter includes numerous exercises and activities that allow learners to practice their skills and reinforce their understanding. The textbook also features colourful illustrations and clear explanations, which make it easy for learners to follow along and understand the concepts being taught.

One of the main benefits of the Active Maths Textbook 4 is that it encourages learners to collaborate with their peers. Throughout the textbook, there are opportunities for learners to work together and discuss their ideas, which helps to develop their communication and interpersonal skills.

Overall, the Active Maths Textbook 4 is an excellent resource for learners who want to develop a strong foundation in Mathematics. It is well-designed, easy to follow and encourages active learning. Whether learners are studying independently or in a classroom setting, this textbook is sure to help them achieve their learning objectives and grow to love the subject of Mathematics.

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