Active Science Textbook 4

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The Active Science series is developed to comprehensively cover all the learning objectives of the Cambridge Primary Science curriculum framework (0097). The series adopts an Active Learning approach, which allows learners to actively build their own understanding through exploration, discussion and problem-solving.

Learners will investigate science strands like Biology, Chemistry, Physics and Earth and Space. Learners are also taught to Think and Work Scientifically, which develops learners’ scientific enquiry skills and practical skills.

To encourage problem-based learning (PBL), each chapter starts with a case problem. In each chapter, learners will explore anchor investigation activities and hold discussions that precede the teaching of every key concept. Learners will need to collaborate with their peers, infer concepts and draw conclusions. Learners will solve the case by the end of the chapter. This is supplemented by colourful illustrations and easy-to-read explanations to solidify their understanding. Well-crafted exercises at various learning points help learners to assess their learning and build process skills.

Learners will also learn how to apply scientific knowledge to the real world in Science in Context. With greater involvement in their learning, learners are challenged to think critically, reason logically and become effective problem solvers. They will also develop a love for science as they recognise its importance and relevance in their daily lives.

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