Elite Programme: I Want To Be A Doctor

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This book is designed for pre-schoolers who are curious about the world of medicine and want to learn more about what it takes to become a doctor.

This book aims to provide a fun and engaging way for preschoolers to learn more about the world of medicine, from the different types of doctors to the tools and equipment they use.

Through this book, children will learn that doctors are important members of our communities who work tirelessly to keep us healthy and safe. They will learn about the different types of doctors, from paediatricians who care for children to surgeons who perform life-saving operations. They will also learn about the tools and equipment that doctors use to diagnose and treat illnesses, from stethoscopes to X-rays.

The book is organized into chapters that cover different aspects of the medical profession. Each chapter includes engaging illustrations and easy-to-understand text that is designed to capture the attention of young readers. The activities and worksheets included in the book are meant to be fun and interactive, encouraging children to explore and learn more about the world of medicine.

Throughout the book, children will also learn about healthy habits and the importance of taking care of their bodies. They will learn about the importance of eating a healthy diet, getting enough exercise, and washing their hands properly to prevent the spread of germs. They will also learn about the role that doctors play in helping us stay healthy, from routine check-ups to vaccinations and other medical treatments.

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