LiSC Process and Skills For Upper Primary Science

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This handbook is part of the LISC Science Mastery Series and clearly defines a systematic approach towards solving examination-like questions on processes and skills. Unlike numerous assessment books on process skills which merely state the skills at the end of each question, this handbook systematically compartmentalises the various processes and skills required in examinations and assessments.

The LISC Processes and Skills For Upper Primary Science handbook aims specifically to help students in the identification of key requirements in each process and skill, hereby equipping students with the set of practical and easy to apply consolidated processes and skills to successfully tackle examination questions which involve experimental set-ups and/or are investigative in nature. The 11 process skills stipulated in the current school syllabus are integrated into commonly tested examination items in this book, complete with detailed explanations and illustrations in easy-to-follow steps and visualisations.

It is hoped that, through this book, parents and students will have a thorough understanding of the importance of processes and skills in Science examinations and how to apply each process and skill in complex situations leading to a systematic and definitive approach towards the answering of Science questions.

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