Master Math Models Primary 5 & 6 Book 1 Whole Numbers and Fractions

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The Master Math Models series was written based on methods developed and refined from two decades of teaching thousands of students with successful results. These results can be replicated by learning the techniques in this series.

The objective of the series is: to empower (a) parents and teachers with an easy-to-use tool for teaching, and (b) students to become independent learners.

This series is the first of its kind that is written in a style with clear step-by-step diagrams, instructions and explanations that allow independent learning. Parents and tutors will find this series self-explanatory and useful in guiding students. Much effort has been made to provide examples for easy reference, as they only need to point out the clear and concise explanations on each page.

The aim of developing this series is to build a strong foundation in mathematical concepts and problem-solving strategies, for students and readers alike. The steps are placed there to ensure that the student clearly understands the fundamentals behind each working or step.

There are 5 titles in this series:

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