Primary 3 Intensive Mathematics Practice Second Edition

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This book has been meticulously crafted to align with the latest Primary Mathematics Syllabus
issued by the Ministry of Education, catering specifically to the needs and developmental stages of our young learners. The aim is to provide a comprehensive and engaging resource that not only facilitates the acquisition of mathematical skills but also fosters a love for problem-solving. This new edition has been updated to align with the new Mathematics syllabus implemented for Primary 3 from 2023.

In this edition, each topic is accompanied by clear and concise learning outcomes, offering students a roadmap of the skills they will master upon completing the exercises. Understanding the purpose behind each lesson enhances the learning experience, motivating students to actively participate in their mathematical journey. One of the distinctive features of this book is the inclusion of a variety of challenging and non-routine problems. These problems go beyond mere computation, encouraging students to think critically and creatively. Cultivating these problem-solving skills is not only essential for success in mathematics but also equips students with valuable tools for tackling challenges in various aspects of life.

Full worked solutions for all questions are provided to support students in their learning journey. These solutions serve as valuable guides, helping students understand the reasoning and methods behind each solution.

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