PSLE Mathematics Word Problems – FAQs

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PSLE Mathematics Word Problems – FAQs is written based on the latest Primary Mathematics syllabus by the Ministry of Education. The book aims to give students who are preparing for their PSLE Mathematics paper ample practice in PSLE-style word problems so that they are able to master the concepts, skills and strategies of effectively solving such problems. The word problems in this book are crafted to model closely after past-year actual PSLE questions, allowing students to be familiar with the types of word problems they can expect to see in the PSLE Mathematics paper.

Each worksheet in this book begins with a worked example followed by seven related word problems for students to apply the concepts and strategies learnt. The worksheets are categorised according to the types of questions that have frequently appeared in past years’ PSLE Mathematics papers rather than by topics. The questions are arranged with increasing levels of difficulty. Questions 1 to 3 of each worksheet are relatively easy to solve, Questions 4 to 5 are of average difficulty while Questions 6 to 7 are reasonably challenging. Clear and detailed solutions are provided at the end of the book to facilitate self-checking.

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