Smart Nations: Future-Proof Degrees




The year 2016 saw the slowest employment figures and higher number of retrenchments. With the government launching Skills Future, does that mean it is reasonable to expect future disruptions across all sectors? Whatever it is, leaders of tomorrow should equip their workforce with the right knowledge and skills to lead Singapore forward.

So, with all this buzz on the future, how does a student best equip himself for the future economy? Firstly, studying the right courses with the right skills will optimise (but not guarantee) employability. This article will take a look at degrees and skills that will be required and likely to remain relevant in the future economy.


Information Systems

Information systems teaches one about how computer systems work and how technology such as Artificial Intelligence can enhance such systems.

“The emergence of new and disruptive computing and information technologies, in tandem with the massive amounts of data spawned as a result of technological systems and applications, has raised the demand for our workforce to be equipped with new Information Systems skill sets and capabilities in order to harness this evolution, by developing value-added and innovative solutions for businesses and society” – Singapore Management University


Computer Science

With numerous apps being developed every day, having knowledge on programming and how computers work is vital for the future economy. It is challenging to think of any company that has not developed an app for their business these days.


Data Analytics

Many companies are hungry for big data and need data scientist to interpret and solve big data problems. For example, Uber may want data scientist to study the patterns of its consumers and know how to target them specifically and what are the next emerging trends in commuting.

There are many more countless degrees that are required for the future, however the three highlighted above are some new degrees which have grown in popularity over the recent years. The key is to find a degree that suits your child’s interests and if they can excel in it, there are countless of opportunities awaiting him.