When To Take SAT?




If you have decided to further your education in America, you are required to take the SAT, be it for undergraduate or post-graduate studies. This article will share tips for those seeking to study for undergraduate degrees in American universities

SATs are broken down into English examinations and the other papers which include math and sciences mostly. You can take the English examinations first and then the remaining examinations later.


June holidays & post “A” level

As applications for American universities begin in December, it is advisable that one takes the English examinations first in the June holidays during their “A” level year, followed by the remaining examinations after the “A” level examinations. This will allow you to spread out your SAT and “A” levels. However, you should not compromise your “A” level examinations for the SATs. If you struggle to juggle the two examinations, prioritise your “A” level examinations first. Thereafter, you can complete the SATs after your examinations.



Male students who need to enlist in the army can take their SATs during their army term. Serviceman can request to be given annual leave which they can use for the examinations.